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Aerodrome Information
Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka.

1. VGHS: Geographical and Administration Data
1. ARP* coordinates and site at AD* 235034N, 0902402E; Centre of the runway
2. Distance and direction from city 11 NM (20 km) north of Dhaka City (GPO)
3. AD elevation/reference temperature Elev: 27ft (8m) / T: 35decreeC (April)
4. Magnetic variation 55' West in 1967 (Annual change negligible)
5. AD administration, address, telephone, telefax, AFS Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh
Postal address:
Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport
Kurmitola, Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh.

Telephone: +880 2 8901449
Telefax: +880 2 8901450
Telegram: civildrome, dhaka
6. Type of traffic permitted IFR/VFR
7. Remarks nil
* ARP: Aerodrome Reference Point; AD: Aerodrome; APM: Airport Manager

2. VGHS: Operational Hours
1. Aerodrome Administration 0900 LT to 1700 LT
2. Custom and Immigration H24
3. Health and Sanitation H24
4. AIS Briefing Office H24
5. ATS Reporting Office (ARO) H24
6. Meteorological Briefing Office H24
7. Air Traffic Sevices H24
8. Fuelling H24
9. Handling H24
10. Security H24
11. De-icing nil
12. Remarks nil

3. VGHS: Handling Services and Facilities
1. Cargo handling facilities: 01 mobile cranes
12 container pallet loaders
09 container pallet transporters
10 belt loaders
22 baggage tow tractors
50 cargo/baggage trolleys
145 container trolleys/dollies
45 hand trolleys
09 fork lifters
01 narrow aisle stacker
75 pallet trolleys
2. Fuel/oil types:

Jet A-1 AVGAS 100/130 octane, limited, stored in drums, no refueling arrangements. Aero shell grease 5.14.16 and AV grease S-7108, very limited quantity available and to carried on own risk. aero shell fluid 5M, IAC, aero shell oil 120, limited quantity available, stored in drums and to be carried on own risk.

3. Fueling facilities/capacity:

Bowser refueling for 14 hours. Rate of delivery approximately 500 I.G. per minute per refueller.

4. De-icing facility: nil.
5. Hanger space for visiting aircraft: By arrangement with Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BBC).
6. Repair facilities for visiting aircraft: Limited.
7. Remarks nil

4. VGHS: Passenger Facilities
1. Hotels Nil at the airport, unlimited in Dhaka city
2. Restaurant accommodation Limited at the airport, unlimited in Dhaka city
3. Transportation available Buses, Taxis to Dhaka city
4. Medical Facilities First Aid treatment, 4 motor ambulance, Hospitals within 10 NM
5. Banks and Post Office Available at airport
6. Tourist office Available at airport
7, Remarks nil

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