Kurmitola, Dhaka-1229.


Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka.


Brief History Of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport
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The British Government of India had built military airstrips near Tejgaon during the Second World War for operating warplanes towards the war fields of Kohima and other Burmese war threats. Tejgaon Airport became the first airport to operate civil aviation in the then East Pakistan and it was also a station of the Pakistan Air Force.

Soon after the Second World War broke out, the British authority felt the need of constructing the Royal Indian Air Force (RIAF) stations in Dhaka. The construction of Tejgaon Airport at a place named Dainodda started in 1941; and the building of a landing strip at Kurmitola (Balurghat) started at about the same time. The airstrips at Tejgaon and Kurmitola had military fighter plane landing facilities and the British Air Force used the airstrips for safe up keeping their aircrafts. There was also an American air force detachment here during the war period. The first RIAF light fighter landed on the under construction runway of Tejgaon at the beginning of 1943 and after development of the airport facilities, it became the first civil airport.

In 1948, the government had established Eastern Pakistan Flying Club to train local youths in the field of piloting. In 1956, a branch of the Flying Wing of the Plant Protection Department was established in East Pakistan. Tejgaon Airport became gradually busy with flights of these agencies as well of PIA, which had acquired piston engine aircrafts like Dakotas and Convairs, and super constellations converted turbo propeller type of aircrafts like Viscounts and Fokker. Later, jet aircrafts like Boeing, Comet and DC 8 were added to the fleet. The airport also served foreign airlines including British Airways and Pan American Airways. PIA started its Boeing jet services in 1960. The Department of Civil Aviation and the Airport Development Agency had to upgrade Tejgaon Airport for accommodating traffic in accordance with the international standards. This airport began to fail to fulfill the requirements of a modern international airport. So the decision was taken to construct a new international airport at Kurmitola, Dhaka and the construction work of new airport began with the technical support of French experts.

After the Independence of Bangladesh the construction work of the airport completed in 1980 and Operational activities were shifted from Tejgaon to Kurmitola. Dhaka international airport was renamed as Zia International Airport in 1983 and in 2010 as Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is situated at Kurmitola, 18 kilometer north of Dhaka zero point, the capital city of Bangladesh.


General Information










118.3 MHz, 119.3 MHz


125.7 MHz, 129.7 MHz


112.7 MHz


298 KHz

Services/Facilities For The Honorable Passengers
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  • Multi-storied car park -(Car, Microbus, Jeep):
    1. For first 3 hours TK. 100/- (Hundred).
    2. More than 3 hours and up to 24 hours TK. 40/- (forty) surcharge per hour
    3. Should be handed over to the law enforcement agencies after 24 hours.

  • Open car parking facility is available at the airport. Respectable passenger(s)/visitor(s) can park their vehicles safely in the under mentioned fees
    1. Bus, Minibus and Truck (3-5) Ton
      a. For first 3 hours -TK. 150/= (one hundred fifty)
      b. More than 3 hours and upto 24 hours -TK. 60/= (sixty) per hour;
      c. Should be handed over to the law enforcement agencies after 24 hours
    2. .

    3. Car Jeep and Microbus
      a. For first 3 hours -TK. 80/= (eighty)
      b. More than 3 hours and up to 24 hours- TK. 30/= (thirty) per hour
      c. Should be handed over to the law enforcement agencies after 24 hours

    4. Baby Taxi and Motorcycle
      a. For first 3 hours -TK. 25/= (twenty five)
      b. More than 3 hours and up to 24 hours- TK. 10/= (ten) per hour
      c. Should be handed over to the law enforcement agencies after 24 hours.

    5. Bicycle
      a. For first 3 hours -TK. 20/= (twenty)
      b. More than 3 hours and up to 24 hours- TK. 5/= (five) per hour;
      c. Should be handed over to the law enforcement agencies after 24 hours.

  • Passenger Lounge:
    Passenger lounge is available.

  • Luggage Trolley:
    Sufficient free of cost high quality luggage trolleys are available for respectable passengers in both the floor of terminal building.

  • Wheel Chairs:
    Wheel Chairs are available for disable passengers.

  • Visitors Facility:
    Visitors can make entry in to the international concourse hall by purchasing a ticket of Tk. 200/= (two hundred) and to enter the domestic concourse hall by a ticket of TK. 300/= (three hundred) only.

  • First Aid:
    For sick or injured passengers first aid crews from CAAB provide free of cost treatment during watch hours.

  • Banking System:
    Banking facility for foreign currency exchange booth is available in the international terminal building.

  • Duty Free Shop:
    Private and Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation are operating duty free shop for the honorable passenger(s)

  • Hotel Booking:
    Hotel Booking booth is available for the passenger(s) for hotel booking.

  • Pure Drinking Water:
    Pure drinking water is available for the passenger(s).

  • Prayer Room:
    Prayer room is available for the passenger(s).

  • Luggage Trolley:
    Sufficient free of cost high quality luggage trolleys are available for respectable passengers in both arrival and departure lounge of the terminal building.

  • Wi-Fi:
    Free Wi-Fi is available for the passenger(s).

  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS):
    The modern flight information display system shows the arriving and departing flights information, information of boarding bridge, conveyer belt, check-in-row etc round the clock.

  • Luggage Wrapping:
    Luggage wrapping facility is available for the passengers to pack their luggage.

  • Cargo Service:
    There are two cargo terminal buildings at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport for import and export facilities of cargo, namely Import Terminal and Cargo Village (export) under the ownership of CAAB. The two terminals are managed/handled by Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd. Telephone: +880 2 8901500-19 (Export), Ext.-8101.

  • Helpline:
    A service providing organization named 'Helpline' is on the second floor of terminal-2 of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Passengers can get necessary services in exchange of money. Telephone: +880 2 8901248-9, +880 2 7911041-3, Ext.- 3349.

  • Banking System:
    Banking facilities for foreign currency exchange booths are available in the arrival hall of international terminal building.

  • Hotel Booking:
    Hotel booths of different categories are available in the arrival lounge of terminal building. Passengers can make reservation of hotel from the booths.

  • Entertainment Facilities:
    Facilities for light refreshment or food are available in both the floors of the terminal building.

  • Lost & Found:
    Lost & found desk is in the terminal building for passengers lost luggage. Telephone: +880 2 8901500-19, Ext.-5402 and direct call +880 2 8901315.

  • Ticket Sales Counter:
    For the advantage of the respectable passengers, the international ticket sales counter of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd. is established in the concourse hall (first floor) of international terminal building Telephone: +880 2 8901500-19, Ext. -2911and direct call +880 2 8901757) and the domestic sales counter of different airlines including Biman are in the domestic terminal building (Telephone: +880 2 8901500-19, Ext.-5420).

Brief History Services  Development Schedule
Director, HSIA, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone: +880 2 8901449 (Off)
Fax : +880 2 8901450
email :


Airlines Operators:

Passenger Airlines

Air Arabia
Contact: +880 2 8901806, +880 1730037746.

Malindo Air

Air Asia
Contact: +880 2 9821447, +880 2 9821448
Oman Air
Contact: +880 2 9890024, +880 2 9890025
Air India
Contact: +880 2 8617783, +880 2 8611929, +880 2 8619253
Pakistan International Airlines
Contact: +880 2 8823240, +880 2 8914319
Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Contact: +880 2 8901260, +880 2 8901165.
Qatar Airways
Contact: +8802 8901117, +880 2 9890024
Cathay Dragon
Contact: +880 2 8901595, +880 1713230318.
Regent Airways
China Eastern Airlines
Contact: +880 2 8901167, +880 1730450044.
Salam Air
China Southern Airlines
Contact: +880 1811411705, +880 1715078539.
Contact: + 880 2 8140255 Extn. 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122
Druk Air
Contact: +88 02 8828304, +88 02 8831804, +88 02 8822924
Spice Jet
Contact: +880 2 8901665, +880 1711543434.
Etihad Airways
Contact: +880 1713094666, +880 2 8901142-3
Singapore Airlines
Contact: +880 2 9851881,+880 1730359446
Fly Dubai
Contact: +880 2 8901351-3, +880 2 8833836
SriLankan Airlines
Gulf Air
Contact: +880 8901667, +880 2 8901005, +880 1713038588
Thai Airways
Contact: +88 (02) 8879131-46; +880 1962788900
 +88 02 9883374, +88 02 9890378
Turkish Airlines
Kuwait Airways
Contact: +880 2 8881742-9
US-Bangla Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

Cargo Airlines

British Airways World Cargo

Martinair Cargo

Cathay Pacific Cargo


China Airlines Cargo

Midex Airlines

Emirates Sky Cargo

Qatar Airways Cargo

Etihad Crystal Cargo

Saudia Cargo


Silk Way Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines Cargo

Singapore Airlines Cargo

Korean Air Cargo

TransGlobal Airways

Lufthansa Cargo

Turkish Airlines Cargo

Brief History
Services Contact Schedule

Recently Completed Development Works:

  • Extension of Passenger apron from foxtrot taxiway towards west and export cargo apron from northern side of the existing export cargo apron at Hazrat Shahjalal international airport, Dhaka.
  • Asphalt Concrete Overlay over the existing runway at Shahjalal international airport, Dhaka.
  • Up-gradation of Hazrat Shahjalal international Airport, Dhaka.
  • Consultancy Services for the Up-gradation of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka.
  • Consultancy services for Contraction of 3rd Terminal, 2nd Runways and other infrastructure Development Works at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Kurmitola, Dhaka.

On Going Development Works:

  • Consultancy and delivery of services for improvement of security system at Hazrat Shahjalal international Airport, Dhaka.
  • Construction of CAAB Headquarters Complex at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Kurmitola, Dhaka.
  • Extension of apron towards north of the existing export cargo apron at Hazrat Shahjalal international Airport, Dhaka (Phase-11 ).
  • Construction of General Aviation Hangar, Hangar Apron & Apron North side of fire station at Hazrat Shahjalal international Airport, Dhaka.

Future Development Works:

  • Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka Expansion Project.


Brief History Services Contact Development

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