o Advisory Circular - 001 [Training Programmers For Terrain Awareness And Warning System (TAWS)]  
o Advisory Circular - 002A [Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)]  
o Advisory Circular - 003A (Crew Resource Management Training)  
o Advisory Circular - 004 (Communication And Coordination Between Flight Crew Members And Cabin Crews  
o Advisory Circular - 005 (Line Operational Simulations, Line Oriented Flights Training, Special Purpose Operational Training)  
o Advisory Circular - 007 (Dispatcher/ Flight Operations Officer Resource Management Training)  
o Advisory Circular - 008 (Development Of Safety Department)  
o Advisory Circular - 009 [Establishment Of Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Programme]  
o Advisory Circular - 010 (Air Operators Establishing Flight Safety Document System)  
o Advisory Circular - 011 [Information To Operators On RNAV (GNSS) Non Precision Approach Procedures Based On GPS]  
o Advisory Circular - 012 [Conducting Constant Descent Final Approach (CDFA) For Non-precision Approaches]  
o Advisory Circular - 015 (Flight crew Procedures During Taxi Operations)  
o Advisory Circular - 016 (Single -Pilot Procedures During Taxi Operations)  
o Advisory Circular - 017 (Ground Vehicle Operations At Aerodromes)  
o Advisory Circular - 018 (Preventing Injuries Caused By Turbulence)  
o Advisory Circular - 019 (Reduced Effectiveness Of TAWS/EGPWS Equipment)  
o Advisory Circular - 021 [Conducting Constant Descent Final Approach (CDFA) For Non-Precision Approaches]  

o AC (AD)-01 Aeronautical Studies  
o AC (AD)-02 Guidelines for issue of Aerodrome Certificate  
o AC (AD)-03 Assessment of Runway Surface Friction Characteristics  
o AC (AD)-04 Standardized Method of Reporting Airport Pavement Strength - PCN  
o AC (AD)-05 Guidelines for Obstacle Limitation Surface  
o AC (AD)-06 Surface Movement Guidance and Control System  
o AC (AD)-07 Aerodrome Wildlife Hazard Mitigation & Management System  
o AC (AD)-08 Human Factor Principle In Aviation  
o AC (AD)-09 Process To Survey And Verify The Accuracy And Integrity Of An Aerodrome Data And Publication Thereof  
o AC (AD)-10 Hazardous Non-aeronautical Ground Lights / LASER Emitter Near The Aerodrome  
o AC (AD)-11 Procedures To Evaluate The Impact On Safety By The Proposed Change In The Physical Characteristics, Facilities Or Equipment At An Aerodrome  
o AC (AD)-12 Establishment And Implementation Of System In Aerodrome Operations  
o AC (AD)-13 Integration of International Aviation Security (AVSEC) Measures into Designs and Constructions of New Facilities and alterations to Existing Facilities  
o AC (AD)-14 Aerodrome Maintenance Manual  
o Air Transport Circular (Procedures for provision of operational services by a private company in Bangladesh for Non-schedule Flights by Foreign registered aircraft)  
o AGI Office Circular [Independent e-mail address for aircraft accident/incident related information]  
o Operational Limitation for Approved Training Organizations (ATOs) (Cirular-03/2015)
o Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) Inspections Program for the month of July to December 2015.  
o AGA  Inspectors Training Programme & Aerodrome Surveillance Inspection Programme, 2015
o Requirement for Initial/Transition Training and Checking of Simulator Flight Instructor (SFI)/Simulator Flight Examiner (SFE) [Circular-02/2015, Date01/03/2015]  
o G I  Flight Crew & FOO
o Flight Crew And Flight Dispatcher (FOO)s License Fee  
o G I Cabin Crew
o Procedure to exercise privileges of Flight Instructor/Examiner with OML  
o Aerodromes Surveillance Inspection Programme 2016
o Surveillance Programme (Jan -June, 2015)  
o Surveillance Programme 2014
o Annual Surveillance Programme (Air Worthiness)-2015  
o Flying More Than One Type of Aeroplane/Helicopter
o Procedure for Enlistment as Air Freight Forwarder  
o Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT) and Technical Training for FOI/DFOI
o Imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) on Aeronautical and Non-Aeronautical Charges