o Manual of Aviation Cartography
o CAAB IT Manual

o Flight And Cabin Crew Training On Public Health Emergency Management On Board Aircraft
o Guidance Material on Maintaining A Standard Flight Catering Centre
o Aviation Public Health Manual
o Aviation Public Health Inspector's Handbook
o Air Operator Guidance On Aviation Public Health
o Airport Operators on Aviation Public Health

o Training Programme for ANS Inspector (ANS Inspectors Handbook)
o Organization and Procedures For Search and Rescue of Aircraft In Distress
o Search and Rescue Manual

o Air Law Validation Question Bank
o ATPL-FOOL Question Bank
CPL-IR (AGK) Question Bank
o ATPL (Composit) Question Bank
o CPL (Composit) Question Bank

 o Manual of Aviation English Language Proficiency Test (AELPT) Civil Aviation

o Contingency plan for Dhaka FIR

o Civil Aviation Procedure Document On Aircrew Medical
o Computer Based Examination (CBE) Candidates Guidance Manual
o Personnel Licensing Handbook
o Training Programme For PEL Inspectorate Staff &Other Technical Personnel