Special Air Traffic Services Procedures for
VVIP Flights
(Air Traffic Restrictions)

No aircraft shall be allowed to land or depart from the aerodrome or operate in the circuit for the period:

(a) 5 minutes before ETA of VVIP Flight till Door Open Time.
(b) Door Close Time till 5 minutes after take-off.

NOTE- The airport authorities may adjust the above timings to ensure that there is no disturbance during the period of ceremonies at the airport and if required they may close the airfield to other operations.

(a) Standard separation shall be provided in Controlled Airspace. When vertical separation is applied, the vertical separation minimum shall be 2000 feet at all levels.

(b) No VFR operations shall be allowed during the period the VVIP Flight is expected to operate in Controlled Airspace.

When the VVIP FLIGHT is flying in Bangladesh, no other aircraft shall be cleared to operate in the block of uncontrolled airspace detailed below:

"2000 feet above and bellow cruising level and 75 nautical miles either side of the intended route of the VVIP Flight in uncontrolled airspace."

This restriction will not be applicable when it is known that horizontal separation based on current flight plans will exist between the VVIP Flight and other aircraft.

Special Procedures for Dhaka FIR

The following coordination procedure shall apply for flights entering and/or transiting Dhaka FIR:

i) An FPL/DEP message shall be addressed to Dhaka ACC/FIC,

ii) Aircraft shall establish radio contact with Dhaka ACC/FIC (with position report and estimates) 10 minutes before entering Dhaka FIR boundary except those flights departing from Indian aerodromes located close to the FIR boundary which shall contact Dhaka ACC/FIC as early as possible but not later than crossing the FIR boundary.

Within the triangular area bounde3d by the coordinates 210003N 0915949E, 223503N 0885551E, 213803N 0890951E, 210003N 0915949E responsibility for the provision of air traffic services between FL050 and FL400 is delegated to Kolkata ACC/FIC.

i) No aircraft shall operate through that part of Dhaka FIR which has been delegated to Kolkata ACC/FIC without prior approval from Chairman, Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh.

ii) Flight plans, departure and delay messages pertaining to flights through this airspace shall be addressed to Dhaka ACC/FIC.

iii) Prior to entering the aforementioned airspace aircraft shall contact Dhaka Radio on 3491/6556/100066 kHz (MWARA) and 2947 kHz (RDARA) or Dhaka ACC on VHF 125.7 MHz and pass the following information:

(a) Aircraft call sign
Place/ time of departure


Estimated time over reporting points AVPOP and ESDOT.

Subsequent reports will only be necessary if the estimates differ by 5 minutes or more.

Descent of aircraft bound for Kolkata
The following procedures shall apply for flights operating through Dhaka FIR if intends to start descent before FIR boundary:

The aircraft shall request Dhaka ACC/FIC for descent Dhaka ACC/FIC shall provide the aircraft with available traffic information and advise the aircraft to coordinate with Kolkata directly for descent.

Cruising levels
All aircraft are required to be at a level (semicircular system) appropriate to their magnetic tracks, prior to entering or leaving Dhaka FIR otherwise cleared when prior coordination has been effected between Dhaka and Kolkata ACC/FIC.

Transfer of communication - air/ground
The transfer of air/ground communication to adjacent FIC/ACC is normally made at the agreed transfer point or at the common FIR boundary.