Chittagong Airport Development Project

Role of Chittagong Airport

Chittagong, the largest sea-port and the second largest city in Bangladesh accommodating approximately 3 million people, is an important economic centre of the country. Despite various activities having been carried out in Chittagong, the airport was not fully utilized, particularly as an international airport. The newly constructed Airport certainly shall fulfil the demand with various facilities and will accommodate for both international and domestic demand.

International Gateway

From the last decade, the movement of people, particularly to/from foreign countries, has rapidly been increasing. The modernized new Chittagong Airport will satisfy those international users, as well as domestic ones, with newly introduced various high-tech facilities, smart design and easy access. This airport will play a major role as an international gateway not only to/from the city of Chittagong but also to/from Bangladesh. Its comfortable atmosphere and hospitability will attract more direct flights from other parts of the world

Regional Development

Chittagong has been recognized as the centre of various import/export industries of Bangladesh, lead by the development of internationally attractive Export Processing Zone (EPZ). Chittagong airport will have a crucial role for the development of Chittagong Region as the connecting point between this important region of the country and the other parts of the world.

Objectives of the Project

The Chittagong Airport was originally constructed in early 1940s. Due to the deterioration and lack of its facilities, the airport became insufficient to handle even the current traffic demand. The primary objective of this project was the conversion of this 50 year-old airport to a modern and safe international airport with the capacity of operating wide body aircraft like B747 or DC10.

·         The project had relevance to the plan objectives, which are:

·         Modernization of airport facilities;

·         Improvement of air safety and airport operations;

·         Establishment of alternate airport to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport;

·         Preparedness against natural disaster;

·         Facilitation of economic and commercial development in Chittagong Region;

·         Promotion and stimulation of foreign investment and international tourism to Bangladesh;

·       Increase employment opportunities



JICA the master planner
Japan International Cooperation Agency prepared the master plan and carried out feasibility study, starting back in 1989.

JBIC the major financer
Japan Bank of International Cooperation financed the major part and the Government of Bangladesh financed the rest.

Shimizu the contractor
Shimizu-Marubeni Consortium (SMC) had been the contractor for construction of the airport under the project.

Pacific Consultants International, Japan and Development Design Consultants Limited, Bangladesh

Advisory Group:
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Project Profile

Project Name:
Chittagong Airport Development Project
(Phase 1).

Commencement: 12 Mar 98
Completion: 11 Dec 2000
Cost: Tk. 54,100 Lac

Passenger Handling Capacity:
6,00,000 per year

Cargo Handling Capacity:
5,700 metric tons per year

Largest Aircraft: B747-400

Runway: 2940mX45m
Taxiway: 2 taxiways, 30m
Apron: B747X1, DC10X2, A320X1

Passenger Terminal:18,600 sqm
Cargo Terminal: 2,700 sqm
Car Park Capacity: 400 lots


It was an ambitious and giant project, the successful completion of which shall remain as a glorious milestone in the history of CAAB. The airport has been turned to a modern one comparable to the airports of Thailand, Singapore or Japan in respect to architecture, design and environment. The construction work commenced on 12 March 1998, and completed on 11 December 2000, in the stipulated time (33 months) and cost. The total cost reached approximately Taka 57,099.00 Lakh (US$ 51.57 million). The Chief Engineer of CAAB acted as the Project Manager with the title “The Engineer” of the project. All works were supervised by the own engineers and officers of CAAB.

Under the scope of the project, a completely new terminal building has been constructed. It is a three-storied building with floor area of 220,000 square feet. There are two boarding bridges attached to the building’s long corridor. The passenger flow occurs here in one and a half level concept. The departing passengers reach the ground floor level from the city. Having finished the check-in formalities at the airline counters, the passengers proceed onto the first floor through escalator for immigration and embark the airport through boarding bridge. The arriving passengers disembarks through the boarding bridge on first floor and move down to the ground floor through escalator for immigration, customs and luggage collection, and go out of the airport for city. The facilities like holding lounge, transit lounge and duty free shops are all available in the building.

Airport Aesthetic

The beauty in architecture and furnishing of the building shall certainly provide any passenger a pleasant and delightful experience. Tiles, fixtures, counters, furniture, equipment, displays etc. installed in the building are all imported and new, and are of state of the art design. The atrium like space inside the building enhanced its splendour. In short, the building is so constructed and furnished that it transformed from being a mere architectural beauty to a sculpture of shapes and colour.

Airport Technique

About twenty modern facilities including cargo building, control tower and operation centre building, utility station building, car park, water treatment plant and sewerage system, and wide and nice approach road are all constructed under the project. Modern communication equipment, closed circuit television, flight information display system, instrument landing system etc. are all installed afresh. The runway was strengthened and extended to 9643 feet, a new apron with 2 boarding bridges has been built to accommodate three wide body and one small aircraft.

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Chittagong Airport Development Project
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