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Immigration Requirements and
Customs Requirements.
Public Health Requirements and
Plant Quarantine Requirements
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Immigration Requirements
01.   Passport and Visa:

Valid passports are required for nationals of all countries to visit Bangladesh. Passports are not required for the holders of identity certificate, Laissez Passer issued by United Nations and its affiliated Bodies, continuous Discharge Certificate/Nullies/Seaman Book (Traveling on duty to join or repatriate from ship) issued by any country recognized by Bangladesh.

02.   Visas are required for all countries except the nationals of following countries:

Bhutan, Barbados, Cyprus, Fiji, New Zealand, Western Samoa, Canada, Singapore, Tonga, Leone, Lesotho, Zambia, Tanzania, Malta, Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, Nauru, Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Seychelles, Trinidad, Tobago, Ghana, Srilanka (Stay not exceeding One Month), Ireland, Tunisia, Vatican, Gabon And Spain

03.   Yugoslavia and Japan do not require any visa if stay does not exceed 3 months:

No entry permit/visa will be required for a period of up to 15 days by the foreign tourists from the following countries arriving in or transiting through Bangladesh provided they hold return or onward air tickets:

U.S.A., Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Spain Italy, Federal Republic Of Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Austria, Maldives, Philippines, Switzerland, U.K., Greece

Such facilities shall not, however, be extended to those persons who are blacklisted or to whom visas are not issued ordinarily under the rules.


Any Missionary/Social Worker or person(s) employed in Bangladesh, paid or unpaid, is required to obtain a visa, prior clearance for such category of foreigners are required for visiting Bangladesh.


Foreigners who are required to obtain visa for visiting Bangladesh but cannot obtain the same due to unavoidable circumstances or inadvertence are generally allowed to enter in the country for 72 hours. in order to prevent hardship. In such cases foreigners will be required to obtain visa from Director, Immigration and Passport of nearest Regional Passport Offices in Bangladesh if duration of stay exceeds 72 hours.


In all cases, foreigners are required to fill up an embarkation/ disembarkation-cum-health card available at the entry-point with the following additions:

(a) i) For arriving passengers-intended address/addresses.
  ii) For passengers leaving-last address.
(b) Purpose of visit.
(c) Proposed Length of stay in Bangladesh and places visited (with approximate dates)
(d) Passport Number
(e) Place and date of issue of passport


No registration and exit permit is required by a foreigner who visits Bangladesh. Foreigners are required to obtain road permit from the Director General, Immigration and Passports, Dhaka, if they intend to take their exit from the country by road


Where a flight crew member on a scheduled service retains his license in his possession when disembarking, and remains at the airport where the aircraft has stopped or with the confines of the adjacent city, and departs on the same aircraft or on his next regularly scheduled flight out of Bangladesh, his crew member license or crew certificate is accepted in lieu of passport or visa for temporary admission into Bangladesh, only if the said certificate or license is issued by a country with whom a Bilateral Agreement exits.

Customs Requirements

Arrival and departure of aircraft all passengers and crew shall present themselves personally with their baggage to Customs and make a declaration of currency on a prescribed from supplied by customs at the declaration counter on arrival. The form must be retained, On departure this form should be re-submitted to Customs showing the balance of foreign and local currency remaining in his possession.

02   Restriction on the movement of cash currency in and out of Bangladesh are in force.

Any unaccompanied baggage following should be notified to the Customs officer on the appropriate form before the passenger departs from the Customs hall.


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