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Flight Operations Air Navigation Order  


o ANO-18 (Draft) 
Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air.
o ANO (OPS) A-3  Requirements for Training and Flying Experience of Pilots Engaged in Scheduled Air Services.
o ANO (OPS) A-4  Issue of Pilot Licence & Ratings based on Military Qualification.
o ANO (OPS) A-5  Fligth Crew Licencing
o ANO (OPS) A-6  Requirements for Approval of Flight Training School (RAFTS)
o ANO (OPS) A-7 (A) - Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSDs)
o ANO (OPS) A-7  Requirements for Approval of Type Rating Training Organization (TRTO)
o ANO (OPS) A-8  Requirements Of Training for Flight Crew in Implementing Reduced
                        Vertical Separation Minium (RVSM)

o ANO (OPS) A-14  English for Aviation Language-Training, Assessment, Test and Certification.

o ANO (OPS) B-1 Operation Manual
o ANO (OPS) B-2 Requirement for Minimum Qualification for Nominated Post Holders Management
                     Personnel (Operations) of Commercial Air Operators

o ANO (OPS) B-3 Establishment Of Fuel And Oil Policy By
o ANO (OPS) B-4 Standard Operating Procedures
o ANO (OPS) B-5 Requirements For Approval For Ground Handling.
o ANO (OPS) B-7 Passenger Briefing On Safety Matters
o ANO (OPS) B-8 Stowage And Carriage Of Baggage And Cargo.
o ANO (OPS) E-7 Aircraft First Aid Kits, Universal Precaution Kits
o ANO (OPS) H-1 Flight Data Analysis Programme
o ANO (OPS) H-2 Flight Safety Documents System

o Approved ANO (OPS) Part-SPA